NEWS US Governor Says Students Will Catch COVID But They’ll ‘Get Over It’

US Governor Says Students Will Catch COVID But They’ll ‘Get Over It’

In a bid to reopen schools, a US governor has said students will catch COVID but they will ‘get over it’.

The controversial statement comes from Missouri Governor Mike Parson who wants students to go back to school despite the fact it’s likely they will contract the virus.

Missouri has recently seen a drastic increase in new coronavirus cases going from 662 on July 10 to almost 7,000 as of yesterday, July 20.

In a radio interview on The Mark Cox show last Friday, July 17, Parson and Cox discussed the pandemic and the younger generation.

Parson said:

These kids have got to get back to school – they’re at the lowest risk possible, and if they do get COVID-19, which they will, and they will when they go to school, they’re not going to the hospitals. They’re not going to have to sit in doctors offices – they’re going to go home and get over it and most of it all proves out to be that way.

He added that they need to ‘move forward’ and that not having kids in school will create more problems than the virus would.

The pair also discussed the topic of people wearing masks during the pandemic. It currently is not mandatory for people to wear them in the state.

He explained:

Look, people in this state is why I haven’t mandated masks in this state. People can do that, you can wear a mask. You don’t need government telling you to do that.

I highly recommend it – I don’t want anybody thinking I am anti-mask because that’s not the case.

While he encouraged people to wear them, Parson added that he thinks it’s not the governments place to tell people to wear a mask.

Another person encouraging people to wear masks is actor Jennifer Aniston.

Aniston shared a powerful photograph of a friend of hers in hospital with coronavirus while explaining he had no underlying health issues prior to contracting the virus.

Along with the photo of  her friend Kevin in hospital was a picture of her and fellow star Courteney Cox wearing masks.

She captioned the photos:

This is our friend Kevin. Perfectly healthy, not one underlying health issue. This is Covid. This is real. ⠀

We can’t be so naive to think we can outrun this…if we want this to end, and we do, right? The one step we can take is PLEASE #wearadamnmask.⠀

The photo of Aniston’s friend was taken in April, however he has now ‘almost recovered’.