NEWS Kanye West Is Being Sued For $20 Million Over His Sunday Services

Kanye West Is Being Sued For $20 Million Over His Sunday Services

Kanye West probably doesn’t need to be at the centre of any scandals while he’s trying to convince people to vote for him for president, but unfortunately he’s just been hit with a $20 million lawsuit. 

A technology company named MyChannel, Inc. is claiming West took advantage of its technology and services to advance his Yeezy brand and launch his popular Sunday Service, after which he copied the tech and left the company high and dry.

MyChannel is now trying to get Kanye to own up to the breach of partnership by filing a lawsuit against him and reportedly seeking more than $20 million in damages. With a net worth of $1.3 billion, according to , $20 million is probably pocket change to him, but whether he will admit fault to the allegations remains to be seen.

In the lawsuit, cited by and confirmed by , MyChannel says it’s a Black-owned business specialising in video and e-commerce technology which linked up with Kanye in spring 2018 to help him maximize revenues for his Yeezy merchandise.

The company says it worked around the clock for six months on a series of business promises from Kanye, including a future investment of $10 million. It estimates that through the collaboration it put in 10,000 man-hours and invested $7 million of its own into the Yeezy project.

MyChannel alleged to have relocated their headquarters from Pennsylvania to California and again to Illinois following Kanye’s promise that they would have a significant financial partnership.

The lawsuit also states that Kanye rebranded the company as YZY Tech during business meetings with companies like Adidas and presented ‘ideas such as those of [MyChannel] as his own’, reports.

MyChannel claim that after six months it became clear Kanye had no intention of fulfilling his promises, and he walked away from the partnership. After things broke down, MyChannel’s founders noticed that a copied version of their technology was being utilised to sell merchandise in Kanye’s Sunday Service videos.

The company believes Kanye’s promises of a partnership were all part of an effort to fuel his Yeezy brand and steal confidential tech to make millions on Sunday Service.

Through the lawsuit, MyChannel accuses Kanye and Yeezy Apparel of breaching an oral partnership agreement, preventing MyChannel from earning millions, encouraging the company to invest millions, withholding a promised $10 million investment, and violating MyChannel’s non-disclosure agreement by copying their video e-commerce technology.

As well as the $20 million in damages, the company is seeking a jury trial.