NEWS Jeep That Drove Through BLM Demonstration In Colorado Was Lost, Passenger Claims

Jeep That Drove Through BLM Demonstration In Colorado Was Lost, Passenger Claims

During a Black Lives Matter protest in Colorado last week, July 25, a Jeep was filmed speeding through the crowd of people. Now, the passenger in the vehicle has spoken out about the incident.

In video footage of the incident, the car can be seen speeding down the freeway, causing demonstrators to run to the sides of the road. According to reports, one woman fell off the road and was injured.

It was initially thought the Jeep was deliberately targeting BLM protesters, but passenger Greg Goodenough, 27, has now said otherwise.

You can watch footage of the incident here:

After the car got in the middle of the demonstration, people started throwing rocks and projectiles at the it. One person is even reported to have fired at the Jeep, reports. Not long after, a white truck apparently intentionally crashed into the Jeep.

While the police have not yet interviewed Goodenough, they have confirmed he was the passenger in the car, reports.

The man driving the truck, Sebestian Sassi, later defended his actions and says he intervened because he thought people were going to get killed.

Despite what people thought, Goodenough insists the driver was not targeting BLM demonstrators and that they had been told to turn onto the road by their GPS on their way to the airport.

In a YouTube video, Goodenough explains:

We did notice that there were Black Lives Matter protesters on all sides of the street trying to stop traffic. We then avoided any pedestrians in the roadways and continued onto the freeway. There was no police barricade that stopped us.

Protesters then immediately started throwing projectiles at the Jeep as well as trying to get in front of the vehicle with bats to damage the vehicle.

Goodenough then says the white pickup truck came up next to them and purposely crashed into their Jeep.

You can watch his explanation here:

Goodenough continued:

Once this white pickup truck did crash into us, a man with a bat then approached the vehicle and began swinging at the vehicle. We then proceeded to speed off to avoid any potential damage to ourselves and the vehicle.

Once we took off from that incident a gunman then approached the freeway and started firing seven rounds at the Jeep. We then proceeded to go even faster and made our way through the crowd, which dispersed as we approached as well as once the gunfire did go off.

Goodenough reiterated they did not hit any of the protesters. After exiting the freeway the pair phoned the police to explain what had happened.

Investigators are now looking into how the Jeep got on the road, as access roads should have been shut down.