NEWS Fox News Poll Finds Americans Have More Favourable View To Obama Than Trump

Fox News Poll Finds Americans Have More Favourable View To Obama Than Trump

A poll conducted by has found Americans have a much more favourable view of Barack Obama than they do of Donald Trump.

The current POTUS has been causing political controversy since the moment he announced his run for president, and many US citizens were outraged when he set about undoing many of the things Obama had put in place during his time in the Oval Office, like environmental practises and healthcare plans.

In the past four years, Donald Trump has continued to cause outrage and offence, whether it’s down to the often ill-informed, incorrect information he gives out or through a tirade of tweets attacking a person, company or general opinion.

So it’s not all that shocking that Obama came out as the preferred politician during a survey of 1,207 registered voters, conducted by .

The questionnaire was conducted between May 17 and May 20, and asked participants a series of questions about their opinions on Trump as president, the current political climate, their thoughts on voting and their views on certain politicians.

One particular question asked participants if they had a ‘generally favorable or unfavorable opinion’ of Obama, Trump, former vice president Joe Biden and current vice president Mike Pence, and asked them to choose whether their opinion was strongly favourable or unfavourable, or just somewhat.

The results had a margin of error of plus or minus 3%, but found 63% of those surveyed had a favourable view of Obama, compared to 43% of those with a favourable view of Trump.

Of those with a favourable view, 43% ‘strongly’ favoured Obama while 20% only favoured him ‘somewhat’. For Trump, 28% favoured him ‘strongly’, while 15% said they ‘somewhat’ favoured him.

Obama was ‘unfavourable’ to 35% of participants, 25% of which said they ‘strongly’ unfavoured him, while 55% had an unfavourable view of Trump, with 45% feeling ‘strongly’.

As for the past and present vice presidents, Biden came in with 48% favourable, 46% unfavourable, while 42% favoured Pence compared to 50% who had an unfavourable opinion of him.

Participants were also able to choose whether they ‘couldn’t say’ whether they favoured the politician, or if they’d ‘never heard of’ them, making up the gap in the results.

The findings were shared on Twitter, where Trump demanded that Fox ‘should fire their Fake Pollster’, adding: ‘Never had a good Fox Poll!’

It’s not at all surprising that Trump should try to brand the results as fake, though much like the boy that cried wolf, there’s probably not many people out there who will believe him.