NEWS Cops Find Cocaine Stuffed Inside Hundreds Of Individual Coffee Beans In Italy

Cops Find Cocaine Stuffed Inside Hundreds Of Individual Coffee Beans In Italy

Police in Italy have discovered cocaine stuffed inside hundreds of individual coffee beans, upon opening a package addressed to Santino D’Antonio, a Mafia boss from the films.

The two kilogram shipment contained 130 grams of cocaine, with investigators discovering more than 500 beans had been painstakingly hollowed out, filled with pure white cocaine and taped shut.

However, as intricate as the operation had been, the fact the package had apparently been addressed to a fictional villain quickly drew suspicion.

You can watch the beans being opened up here:

According to a statement from the Guardia di Finanza financial police, the package arrived at Milan’s Malpensa Airport from Colombia, and a customs officers decided to take a look after clocking who the intended recipient was.

The package contained three envelopes of ‘typical Colombian coffee’, a common enough export from a country that’s famous for its beans. However, upon cracking open the coffee, it was clear there was far more going on.

Police were able to track the package to the city of Florence, where an unnamed 50-year-old Italian man was arrested after he attempted to collect it from a tobacconist’s shop.

The man in question – described in the statement as being an unemployed chef – was registered as living in the city of Medellin, in Colombia. He was reportedly already known to officers and had previous arrests related to drugs charges.

Police officers in Italy reportedly named this operation ‘Caffe Scorretto’, which translates as Improper Coffee. This is a play on an Italian espresso drink named ‘caffe corretto’ – or corrected coffee – which contains a splash of sambuca or brandy.

Officers have also arrested a second suspect for allegedly trying to import drugs, reports.

Earlier this month, the Guardia di Finanza confiscated a shipment of 14 metric tonnes (15.4 US tons) of amphetamines, allegedly produced by ISIS in Syria, reports.

Officers tracked three containers to the Italian port of Salerno. Here – inside paper cylinders used for industrial purposes – they uncovered 84 million pills valued at €1 billion ($1.12 billion). Investigators have described this as the largest haul, both in terms of value and quantity, on Earth.