NEWS Church Tells Worshippers To ‘Join Us And Be Infected By God’s Holy Corona’

Church Tells Worshippers To ‘Join Us And Be Infected By God’s Holy Corona’

A church in Florida has sparked outrage after inviting people to come and ‘be infected by God’s holy corona’.

Florida has seen a huge surge in coronavirus cases in recent weeks with the state now having 316,000 confirmed cases and over 4,000 deaths as of today, July 17.

With this in mind, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Milton chose to put up a controversial sign in a bid to get people to attend its church. The sign read, ‘Join Us And Be Infected By God’s Holy Corona’.

The strange sign has understandably upset a lot of people in the town with one person saying the church should be ‘ashamed of themselves’.

Caleb McGrew, who grew up in Milton commented, ‘My first reaction was, ‘I must’ve misread this’. I couldn’t believe anyone would actually display such tone-deaf foolishness.’

Danielle Ross, a mother living in the town, told local news station she was disgusted.

She said:

There’s already a lot of people that are not taking it seriously. And that right there kind of proves no one wants to take it seriously. But I don’t think they actually understand how many people are dying from this. They should be ashamed of themselves.

David Marquardt said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the sign and that it was a friend of his wife’s that had told them about it. He said, ‘We went to go see if it was true. My reaction was that of disbelief. How could they be so callous.’

Following the outrage the church changed the sign with the Deacon of the church saying it was all one big misunderstanding.

Speaking to himself, he said:

I thought that they would understand that even though it says Corona and infected, my idea was people should be infected with the love of Jesus. You know, come back to church and get right with everything. There’s so much hatred and everything in the world and so much mistrust in all.

I just felt that it’d be better to have a positive message. I never thought in my wildest dreams that people would misinterpret what we were trying to say.

The Deacon added that while the church is encouraging people to go, they’re also encouraging them to social distance and to wear masks.

The sign has since been changed to ‘Join us for God’s good news’.