MUSIC This Speaker Costs Nearly A Million Dollars And Is Made From Diamonds

This Speaker Costs Nearly A Million Dollars And Is Made From Diamonds

Fans of epic movie soundtracks, timeless anthems and perfectly harmonised voices will know the importance of a good speaker, but this new pricey, diamond-clad piece of tech is on a whole new level.

Whatever comes after God Tier on the scale of greatness, that’s where the Magico M9 sits. The new loudspeaker establishes ‘new benchmarks in musicality, transparency and fidelity’, according to creator Magico, but naturally that level of excellence comes at a cost.

A pair of the four-way, six-driver floor standing systems will set you back a whopping $750,000, which is obviously a few hundred thousand dollars more than you might expect to pay for a good quality sound system.

Still, Alon Wolf, the CEO of luxury audio brand Magico, feels the speakers are actually a ‘bargain’ when you consider the materials they’re built with.

The CEO told that in order to access a ‘wider frequency range’, the beryllium tweeter domes contained within the M9 are coated with a fine layer of diamond via ‘chemical vapor deposition’.

Together with the use of beryllium, the diamond deposit allows the drivers to move in pistonic motion – aka, rigidly back and forth.

This movement allows the speakers to avoid distortion, creating an accurate reproduction of the music being played through them and allowing listeners to hear details that may have previously gone unnoticed. Wolf said the ultimate goal of the speakers is to create a sense of ‘hyper-reality’.

Of course, not everyone has $750,000 lying around, and even if they do, most of them probably wouldn’t spend it on diamond-clad speakers. Wolf actually only expects Magico to sell ‘between 10 and 100’ of the luxurious speakers, though even 10 customers would bring in a hefty $7.5 million for the company. Which would be diamond-clear music to everyone’s ears.