MUSIC Post Malone’s $20 Wine Line Maison No. 9 Sells Out Completely In Two Days

Post Malone’s $20 Wine Line Maison No. 9 Sells Out Completely In Two Days

Who knew Post Malone had his own wine line? Everybody, apparently, because it has sold out completely within just two days.

The singer-songwriter’s French rosé, called Maison No. 9, proved to be such a hit with his fans that the first round of inventory was completely wiped out during the pre-sale.

Luckily, as the name suggests, it was only the pre-sale so you will still be able to get your hands on a bottle come Monday, June 22, when Maison No. 9 goes on sale in almost all US states.

Post Malone, real name Austin Richard Post, managed to sell 50,000 bottles of the wine in just two days during its pre-sale.

In fact, the drink proved so popular that Vivino – the sales platform through which the wine is sold – crashed on the first morning of pre-sale because it couldn’t handle the overwhelming demand. That’s some going, hey?

The rosé is flying off the shelves at $21.99 a bottle, with the drink being named after Post’s favourite tarot card, the Nine of Swords, which represents overcoming challenges.

The tasting notes promise ‘aromas of freshly picked fruit, such as ripe pineapple, pear and strawberry’ with ‘hints of sweet French desserts once uncorked’.

‘The clean, dry, crisp finish is balanced and round with a texture that is mouthwatering and savoury, perfect for drinking on its own or with a variety of dishes,’ its description continues.

The wine is made up of Grenache (45%), Cinsault (25%), Syrah (15%), and Merlot (15%), with reports saying it took 50 blends before Post and his team were happy.

It looks like all the effort was worth it though, not only because the product is selling but because it’s been rated an impressive 90 on

If you missed the pre-sale don’t worry; Maison No. 9 will be available to buy from Monday. You can find all the information you’ll need here.

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