MUSIC Billie Eilish Granted Restraining Order Against Fan Who Repeatedly Showed Up At Her Home

Billie Eilish Granted Restraining Order Against Fan Who Repeatedly Showed Up At Her Home

Billie Eilish has actually been granted a momentary restraining order versus a follower who repetitively turned up at her house.

Prenell Rousseau, 24, initially appeared at the singer’s home last Monday, May 4, when he was and also rang the buzzer welcomed through the Ring buzzer electronic camera by Eilish’s papa, Patrick O’Connell.

O’Connell asked Rousseau exactly how he could assist, to which the follower reacted: ‘I think I might have the incorrect home, however does Billie Eilish live here?’

O’Connell informed Rousseau he had the incorrect home in an effort to obtain the fan to leave, which confirmed successful up until he returned later on in the evening and also began to show ‘unpredictable behavior’.

In legal files submitted by Eilish and pointed out by, the vocalist explained:

While we awaited safety, Mr. Rousseau stayed on our veranda, took a seat and started to read a book, while likewise proceeding to participate in a routine monologue. My father repetitively asked him to leave, however he rejected.

Security handled to obtain Rousseau to leave, but their initiatives confirmed useless as Rousseau returned an instant later on as well as lay down behind a wall surface, all set to invest the evening.

The complying with day, the fan came close to your home once more and attempted the door deal with in an effort to get in. Eilish thinks Rousseau returned a total amount of seven times.

Rousseau failed to comply with social distancing policies and just put on a face mask during 2 of his attempts to satisfy the vocalist. He pulled it down to talk to safety when he did wear a mask.

Rousseau did not use handwear covers and also touched the doorbell and also doorknob multiple times, indicating he risked spreading the infection if he brought it.

The compulsive follower was collared two times throughout the week, but police told Eilish there was little bit they could do since Rousseau’s trespassing was a non-violent violation, and as a result of the spread of the virus cops are trying to maintain non-violent transgressors out of prison.

The fan was required to take a bus back to New York where he lives, but the singer shared concerns that he would certainly return.

Eilish asked for a restraining order to be gotten against Rousseau to safeguard herself and also her parents, with a court approving it the other day, May 11.

To comply with the restrictions, Rousseau has to stay 200 backyards away from Billie as well as her moms and dads, and discontinue all get in touch with. The next hearing pertaining to the case is readied to take place on June 1.