LIFE YouTubers Prank Unsuspecting Public By Walking Around Naked For Day

YouTubers Prank Unsuspecting Public By Walking Around Naked For Day

Two YouTube stars have documented what happened when they decided to spend 24 hours completely naked, pranking members of the public by baring all.

Friends Lauren Dascalo, 22, and Daisy Keech, 20, filmed themselves surprising their closest friends before heading out in public fully nude. For some reason, this involved them heading out to the supermarket to buy groceries.

Announcing their plan at the beginning of the video, the pair told their followers: ‘Today we are going to prank people, naked,’ before adding they’ll be getting up to all sorts of antics like ordering food and going out in public. Again, I must stress this was all done fully nude.

You can check out what happened next below:

First on their list to prank were just a few of their unsuspecting nearest and dearest, and they didn’t have to go far to find them.

After taking their clothes off, Dascalo and Keech headed downstairs where they were met by one of their mates, who couldn’t hide his shock and begged them to put some clothes on.

Refusing to do so, the two women headed into a meeting that was taking place between Dascalo’s boyfriend, fellow YouTube star, Adam Quinn, and his friends who couldn’t hide their shock at what they were seeing.

‘What are you doing?’ Quinn asked his girlfriend, before telling her to put some clothes on. He then turned to one of his friends and exclaimed: ‘Bro, my girl is naked!’

Dascalo and Keech quickly went one step further though, moving on to the general public by answering the door to an unknown man – who let’s just say couldn’t hide his shock. The two then decided to order some food, greeting the delivery man when he arrived at the house.

But this seemingly wasn’t enough for the YouTubers, who soon upped the ante by leaving the house and heading out to the supermarket to pick up some oat milk and some chocolate. Why? I honestly couldn’t tell you.

‘I don’t think I’m ready for this,’ they can be heard saying before exiting their car sans clothes. Upon entering the supermarket, they were unsurprisingly greeted with shock by fellow shoppers, who struggled to avert their eyes from the naked pair.

The YouTubers didn’t seem too bothered by the attention though, and instead of keeping to the sidelines and avoiding eye contact – as I most certainly would have been doing – they actually sought out conversation with the customers.

At one point, Dascalo asked a female shopper if she could help her find a specific kind of cereal. The woman swiftly responded with, ‘aisle 16’, all the while avoiding eye contact with the model before quickly turning away from her.

Later on in the video, the women can be seen approaching a male shopper, giving him advice on the ‘best kind of cereal’ as he averted his gaze from their naked bodies. Another passerby can be heard telling the pair: ‘That’s a very interesting photo shoot.’

Unsurprisingly, the video had to be cut short with the women revealing they had to ‘leave the store pretty urgently’, because supermarket staff had threatened to call the police.

The video has racked up more than three million views since it was shared online last year, and if you want to follow more of Dascalo and Keech‘s antics you can follow them on Instagram.