LIFE You Can Now Buy Peoples’ Unclaimed Baggage Online

You Can Now Buy Peoples’ Unclaimed Baggage Online

Ever wondered what happens to unclaimed baggage at airports? Well, it turns out you can buy it online. 

The savvy idea comes from Alabama retailer Unclaimed Baggage (imaginative name, right?), which has recently set up an online store.

The website is quite the abyss of random items: from light fixtures and squash rackets to iPhones and children’s clothes. You could spend searching.

There’s actually a ‘weird and wonderful’ section featuring items such as a riding helmet, a bike frame and a knitted ostrich feather jacket. A personal favourite find is the ‘January 2020 choir subscription box’ that’s going for $50.

But before you start panicking that mistakenly leaving your suitcase will result in Karen from Kansas buying your collection of chick-lit books for $1 each, there’s a long process the baggage undergoes before being put up for sale.

According to the site, 99.5% of unclaimed baggage ends up being reunited with its owner right away. After a three-month extensive search, the 0.03% that’s unclaimed and unable to be returned to the owner goes on to be sent to Unclaimed Baggage.

The business has actually been going for 50 years, and only set up its online store this year. Prior to setting up its website, people looking to purchase items had to go to its 50,000 sq. ft. store in Scottsboro, Alabama.

As well as selling items, Unclaimed Baggage repurposes some of its items to those in need, as well as recycling items that can’t be sold rather than just throwing them away.

You can check out the website here.