LIFE Woman Immediately Regrets Trying To Cut Dog’s Hair By Herself

Woman Immediately Regrets Trying To Cut Dog’s Hair By Herself

All too often in life, we try and do things ourselves when we really should call the professionals in.

It doesn’t take much to quickly discover why years of training and experience go into such trades. However, Susana Soares could be forgiven for thinking she’d do a cracking job of trimming the fur of Mano, her adorable Yorkshire Terrier.

A hairdresser by trade, you would assume Susana, of Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, might do a better job than most. However, it turns out that a giving a dog a haircut is a far different beast than a human haircut, and not just because they’ll most likely nibble on the magazines you give them.

It had been a while since Mano had been to the groomers, whose fur had started to block his vision. Taking matters into her own hands, Susana whipped out her hairdressing scissors, determined to help her boy out.

The result was unintentionally hilarious, with Susana inadvertently giving poor Mano what may have dubbed a ‘Karen haircut’. Thankfully, he didn’t ask to speak to her manager.

Mano’s short, shaped fringe might have looked quite nice on a human being, but looked utterly bizarre on his fluffy face.

Speaking with , Susana revealed that she ‘fell on the floor laughing’ after seeing her own handiwork.

Luckily, Mano apparently quite likes his new ‘do, which at least allows him to see properly again. However, Susana has learnt her lesson and won’t be popping him back on the hairdresser’s chair any time soon.