LIFE Ukraine Woman Addicted To Cheek Filler Warned Against Doing DIY Injections

Ukraine Woman Addicted To Cheek Filler Warned Against Doing DIY Injections

A woman who’s addicted to cheek filler has been warned against performing DIY injections by a cosmetic surgeon.

Anastasiia Pokreshchuk from Kiev, Ukraine, appeared on ITV’s yesterday, July 8, where she told the show’s hosts how much she loves her look and doesn’t have any regrets.

The 31-year-old – who has spent £1,600 on fillers to date – administers her own fillers, and when concern was expressed about this, Anastasiia insisted that she does it ‘like a doctor’.

Talking about why she decided to start having fillers, she said:

I love this look, you know. I was like a grey mouse before. My nose was too big and now that I have big lips and big cheeks, it looks OK.

Anastasiia said she felt more confident with the fillers and receives more romantic attention now. However, she doesn’t think it’s all about her cheeks – she thinks she gets more attention because she’s become more confident.

She added, ‘My mum thinks this is a little bit crazy but what can she do. No regrets! I’m happy with my cheeks.’

When asked if Anastasiia thought administering her own fillers was dangerous, she explained that she does it with doctors and is learning about it at an online school, insisting everything was properly sterilised.

Despite being confident in administering her own injections, cosmetic surgeon Alex Karidis warned the Ukrainian about the dangers of doing it at home.

He said:

There’s a reason why injectable fillers are administered by experienced medical practitioners. Just because something is non-surgical, doesn’t mean it is non-medical.

It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to do these; you should always make sure you’re in an environment where this can be done safely – not a kitchen or bathroom.

The surgeon went on to add that it’s ‘madness’ for someone to start injecting fillers on their own.

Twitter users were quick to point out that they thought Anastasiia looked beautiful before she started having fillers, with some dubbing her current look as ‘awful’ and ‘ridiculous’.

One person wrote:

Why do lovely young women mess with their faces like this. Why do they think that fillers and thick lips look attractive. Perhaps I’m just old fashioned but well applied makeup to enhance features is lovely going those extra miles with procedures is not.

Understandably, Anastasiia’s unique look isn’t for everyone…