LIFE Teen Sits Outside Girlfriend’s House Every Day As She Recovers From Coronavirus In Texas

Teen Sits Outside Girlfriend’s House Every Day As She Recovers From Coronavirus In Texas

Lockdown has tested all of us in ways we could never have anticipated, but one couple has proved that if you’re determined to make it work, you’ll make it work.

Camila Baldasso tested positive for having coronavirus, despite not having any of the symptoms, meaning she’d need to self-isolate for a couple of weeks while she recovered.

However, her boyfriend Collin Ouellette tested negative at the same time, meaning he wouldn’t be able to isolate with her, leaving the young couple heartbroken.

But, in a modern day love story, 19-year-old Collin vowed to show his love for 17-year-old Camila, by keeping her company – from a safe distance, of course – everyday until she got better.

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‘He was sad that we wouldn’t be able to see each other, but told me he’d be there for me the whole time,’ Camila said.

And Collin stuck to his word, by sitting outside Camila’s Texas-based home for at least an hour every day, as she quarantined in her bedroom, away from the rest of her family. He even brought puzzles to keep her entertained as well as takeaways for her to enjoy.

‘We would eat dinner together when he would sit outside some nights and most of the time we would just talk,’ Camila said.

‘He would tell me about his day – one night we looked up questions to ask your partner and we each answered about 100 questions.’

She added:

I felt bad at times because he would be sitting in some slight rain or getting eaten alive by mosquitos, but he would say it was worth it.

Although her time in isolation was understandably difficult, she says Collin’s trips made it much better as it helped keep their communication regular.

While Collin wasn’t camped outside Camila’s bedroom window, they would keep in touch via FaceTime calls and Netflix Party sessions.

Then, after two weeks tucked up in her room, Camila took another test which fortunately came back negative.

Finally, Collin was able to come over for a proper reunion, which involved giving each other ‘the biggest hug on Earth.’

As soon as the good news came in, Collin came straight over to Camila’s house, where they enjoyed some food and quality time together with the family.

‘When he pulled into the driveway, the first thing I did was give him the biggest hug on Earth,’ Camila said. ‘Then we went inside, talked to my family, and ate some food together.’

We do love it when a story has a happy ending.