LIFE OnlyFans Model Says Stalker Has Called Cops To House Three Times With False Hostage Claims

OnlyFans Model Says Stalker Has Called Cops To House Three Times With False Hostage Claims

An Instagram model has revealed how her house has been raided by police on multiple occasions, following false allegations from stalkers.

Stephanie Palomares, from Las Vegas, has amassed an impressive following, thanks to her Kim Kardashian-like appearance and impressive assets, boasting 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

The 26-year-old is regularly lauded expensive gifts from her fans, who even deposit large sums of cash into her bank account.

‘My fans are prone to doing lavish things,’ she said. ‘One guy deposited $50,000 dollars into my account recently – which was sweet, especially considering there’s a pandemic going on.’

However, Stephanie’s fame comes at a cost, and she regularly suffers at the hands of obsessive fans and stalkers, who order takeaways and other strange things to her home.

‘Stalkers are a problem. I have one ongoing right now, and he’s by far the worst of them all,’ she explained. ‘He knows me through OnlyFans – he got obsessed with me over there.’

Stephanie explained this particular man has been stalking her since December 2019, however things took a turn in April of this year.

‘I started getting calls from fake numbers, and pizzas getting delivered to my house,’ she recalled. ‘Then, one night, six cops descended on my house, SWAT style. They pointed at me, and asked me to walk forwards. It was terrifying.’

This time, her stalker had done a lot more than just order a takeaway to her address.

‘My stalker had called the Las Vegas police department and informed them that I had both a hostage, and a dead body in my house, Stephanie said. ‘The cops proceeded to raid my house and search, looking for what they’d been told.’

She added:

Then another pizza guy showed up, with five pizzas!

Understandably, Stephanie was left shaken by the experience, and since then she’s had several more visits from the police, after her stalker told them and her neighbours she was in danger.

Perhaps the most disturbing experience came around two weeks ago, when police visited for a third time.

‘This time it was four of them, stating they’d had a report that my own mother was dead, having been shot in the head in my house,’ she explained.

Stephanie has said she’s tried to reason with her stalker, asking what he wants from her.

‘He’s said he wants me to download Telegram so we can talk,’ she said. ‘But I refuse to take orders from a stalker.’

Stephanie makes an impressive living selling images and videos on OnlyFans, dancing and doing promo work for around $800,000 a year.

‘I’ve been requested to eat sushi naked off myself and record it,’ she said. ‘One fan asked me to use a horse dildo on myself – which I would never do, by the way.’

Despite the downsides that come with her online fame, Stephanie definitely appreciates the perks of being an online model. Her Instagram account can be found @mspalomares.

‘I don’t know many models that have a butt and rack like mine,’ she said.