LIFE Ohio Woman Makes Incredible Friends-Themed ‘Central Perch’ Chicken Coop

Ohio Woman Makes Incredible Friends-Themed ‘Central Perch’ Chicken Coop

An Ohio woman made sure her chickens could live in style by transforming their coop into ‘Central Perch’ with an incredible -themed makeover.

Jennifer Schmus, a stay-at-home mum from Peebles, Ohio, is a fanatic who has always loved the show.

She remembers watching the final episode air while she was in college and ‘crying like a crazy person’, and, like the majority of the fanbase out there, has since rewatched the beloved series numerous times.

Despite having heard Chandler’s jokes, Phoebe’s singing and Joey’s chat up lines countless times, Jennifer told she can ‘watch every episode over and over and never be sick of it’, adding: ‘I laugh just as much as when I saw it for the first time.’

Recently, Jennifer saw the opportunity to bring off the screen and into her everyday life in the form of a revamped chicken coop, which houses her family’s 17 chickens.

The family inherited the birds when they bought the property in November, though the makeover has allowed Jennifer to really make the coop her own.

Using paint, vinyl, and an old spray-painted picture frame, Jennifer set about transforming the regular old coop into a wondrous tribute to , complete with purple walls like those in Monica’s apartment and a ‘Central Perch’ logo.

Across the exterior of the coop is one of Ross’s most famous phrases, ‘pivot!’, while elsewhere a 2D chicken can be seen exclaiming: ‘We were on a break!’. As a nod to the show’s logo, Jennifer has written ‘C-H-I-C-K-E-N-S’ in the same style across one wall.

Jennifer spent a few hours a day working on the creation and managed to complete it in just three days.

The creative mum is confident her chickens are happy with the result, as she said:

When I hear our rooster in the morning and throughout the day saying ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’, I believe he’s saying ‘How you doin” to the ladies and also ‘I love my coop… it looks way better now… Thanks’.

Jennifer shared pictures of the finished coop on Facebook, where she racked up thousands of likes, comments and shares from impressed users.

With the coop complete, Jennifer is now thinking about turning her attention to her craft shed, which is now looking a little too un–themed for her liking.

She said:

I have been inspired now to redo several things, the first will probably be my craft shed. We are also building a pool area beside the coop so maybe [I] will have to do something there as well.

While Chandler and Joey’s chick and duck seemed to have fun living in their apartment, I’m sure they would have loved having a ‘Central Perch’ of their very own.