LIFE Nudist Chases Wild Boar Through Park After It Stole His Laptop

Nudist Chases Wild Boar Through Park After It Stole His Laptop

Picture the scene: you’re sunbathing with your mates in the park on a beautiful summer’s day when all of a sudden a man runs past you, stark b*llock naked, chasing a wild boar.

You’d probably think you were dreaming, right? Or at least hallucinating slightly, because on what planet would you expect to witness such an incredible scene? This one, apparently, because that’s exactly what happened to a group of people in a park in Germany recently.

Onlookers bore witness to the hilarious scene as it unfolded in front of them in Berlin earlier this week, when the man in question – a nudist – ran after the wild animal after it stole his laptop.

The incident took place on Wednesday, August 5, at Teufelssee, a popular bathing spot to the west of Berlin. In the German capital, sunbathing naked is a perfectly legal practice as part of what is known as FKK, or Freikörperkultur (free body culture).

Luckily (for us, maybe not so much for the man involved) the whole thing was caught on camera, with the photographer, personal coach Adele Landauer, saying the unidentified nudist was happy for her to share the images on social media.

So, of course, that’s exactly what she did, alongside the caption: ‘Nature strikes back. I showed the man the photos, he laughed heartily and gave me permission to make them public.’

The now-viral photos show the bare-bottomed man in pursuit of the boar and her two piglets, while fellow bathers looked on in amusement.

So how did it all unfold? Well, apparently the wild boar had spotted a pizza being eaten by other bathers before seizing a yellow bag belonging to the man – and containing his laptop – probably believing it to contain food.

‘Because the bag contained his laptop, he gave it his all, even though he was in his birthday suit,’ explained Landauer on Facebook. What a disappointment for the poor pig when it eventually realised it wasn’t getting pizza after all. I feel you, buddy.

Don’t worry though because the story did have a happy ending, with the man managing to get his laptop back when the boar had to slow down because of a cardboard box in its path – with no help from any of the other onlookers, mind.

Then again, they were probably giggling too much to provide any substantial help.

What a cheeky swine!