LIFE Naked Man Caught On CCTV Taking Shower In Queensland Car Wash

Naked Man Caught On CCTV Taking Shower In Queensland Car Wash

You can’t beat a nice shower, but there’s a difference between letting hot water soothe your skin and having what feels like ‘chilli juice’ sprayed all over you.

For some reason, a guy in Australia opted for the latter as he stripped off in a car wash. Parkland’s Car and Dog Wash in Meridan Plains, Queensland, is not somewhere that just uses buckets of soap and warm water to wash customers’ cars. If it were, the man caught butt naked in CCTV footage probably would have had quite a pleasant time when he chose to wash himself there.

Instead, the establishment uses chemicals that are intended to combat the dirt and grime that typically gathers on the outside of a car. Needless to say, they’re not meant to be sprayed directly onto naked skin.

Take a look at footage of the man below:

The bizarre event took place earlier this month, when car wash owner Geoff Bowen arrived at work to find a water gun – the tool used to spray the chemicals – left on the ground.

Bowen checked the CCTV footage to see what had happened while he was away, and saw the unidentified nude man entering the car wash with his hand over his crotch. He grabbed a hose from the wall and passed it to his friend, who was filming the scene on their phone.

The man with the camera then proceeded to turn up the intensity on the hose, and the naked guy jumped around as he was blasted with the harsh chemicals. After watching him run around in circles to avoid direct contact with the spray, the man with the hose eventually threw it to the floor.

Speaking to, Bowen said the naked guy was captured moving to the self-serve bay ‘because he needed to rinse off’.

Bowen made clear that the shower wouldn’t have been a pleasant experience, commenting:

The first [spray that] comes out is a high pH, that dissolves grime and bird droppings.

The next one is a neutraliser, a low pH. He was in the machine and he kept moving so the sensor detected ‘there’s something wrong here’ and shut the machine off.

To do that you have to be young and have young skin. He’d be on fire. [It would be] like chilli juice on your skin.

Bowen said the naked man’s appearance was a ‘rare event’ for the car wash, but after sharing the footage on social media he received a ‘great response’. The owner went on to say that he’d heard the man in the video was ‘fine’, but that he wasn’t particularly enjoying his ‘new-found fame’.

Still, I suppose if you don’t want the world to know you took a shower in a car wash, you probably shouldn’t do it in the first place.