LIFE Mysterious Coloured Lights In Night Sky Spark UFO Scare In China

Mysterious Coloured Lights In Night Sky Spark UFO Scare In China

Locals in China questioned whether some extra-terrestrial beings had stopped by for a visit when a host of multi-coloured lights appeared in the night sky. 

We really don’t have any idea what an alien spacecraft might look like, considering creatures from another planet have never swung in to give an exhibition of their technology (or have they?), but whenever unexplained lights appear in the sky it’s pretty much the first thing we think of.

I suppose it’s only natural, given the fact that media depictions of UFOs are often dressed up with Christmas-decoration-esque LEDs and with a huge beam scouring the ground, so we can’t blame residents from downtown Shenzhen for jumping to that same conclusion when they saw mysterious lights on July 25.

Check them out here:

People in the city, in China’s southern province of Guangdong, snapped the pictures when they started noticing the spots of colour appearing between the clouds in the night sky.

The bright lights were spotted directly above some of the city’s skyscrapers, with pictures showing red, yellow and green spots scattered in a seemingly random formation.

Images of the bizarre scene were shared on China’s social media platform Weibo, where the spots were likened to ‘UFOs’ and ‘alien spaceships’.

After all the other strange things that have happened in 2020, seeing a new species arrive on Earth wouldn’t be all that surprising, but the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau were quick to stem any fears that China was being invaded.

The organisation identified the atmospheric phenomenon as light pillars, which usually occur in colder climates, when light sources such as the sun, moon or streetlights reflect off ice crystals suspended in the air.

The occurrence is particularly rare above the skies of tropical Shenzhen, which is currently experiencing daily temperature highs of up to 34°C, but evidently the light pillars aren’t as rare as UFOs.

The local weather agency explained:

We call these ‘warm evening light pillars’. They form in strict conditions even more particular than regular light pillars.

They require the absence of low-and medium-level clouds, and the existence of only high-altitude clouds.

They can be seen on evenings with high-humility, high atmospheric visibility, and low wind. There must also be ice crystals present. The absence of any one of the above conditions means they cannot exist.

Another day, another UFO sighting debunked. But tomorrow’s a new day, and we all know the truth is out there.