LIFE Massive Fish Pulls Two Anglers Off Boat And Into Water During Fight To Reel In

Massive Fish Pulls Two Anglers Off Boat And Into Water During Fight To Reel In

A couple of anglers got more than they bargained for, when they ended up thrown in the water while struggling to reel in an absolutely massive fish.

Incredible video footage shows the moment friends Mike and Eric spotted a giant fish in the ‘ultra clear’ waters in Cape Coral, Flordia, before Mike struggles to real the fish in.

After about 10 seconds of struggling, Mike was lifted overboard by the giant fish and the rod was pulled out of his hands.

Amazingly, the entire thing was caught on camera, so you can check it out here:

The trip was organised by former soldier Eric and his girlfriend Jenny, a registered nurse who was taking a break from treating COVID-19 patients. The couple surprised their friend Mike, for his 30th birthday by taking him on the trip with Captain Ben Chancey, from Chew On This Charters.

According to Captain Chancey, around 20 minutes later, Jenny managed to spot the rod at the bottom of the 40-foot deep water, so she asked a nearby boat for goggles, so she could dive down and get it.

He told :

I decided to drop the anchor down so she could follow the line to the rod and reel. While I was explaining what was going on Jenny hooked the rod with the anchor and started pulling the rod up.

The giant Goliath Grouper was still hooked on the line. Eric leaped in to help Jenny pull up the rod and Mike took over the fight from there landing the 450-pound Goliath Grouper.

Captain Chancer added:

We transferred the rod to Eric so Mike could jump in and get a great pic with his catch. While Eric was holding the rod the fish made a mad dash for the bottom again launching Eric overboard with the rod and reel.

Eric eventually released the lever drag while hanging on the side of the boat so I could get the rod from him. I took the rod and relanded the Goliath Grouper while Eric threw his phone and keys in the boat because they were wet from him being pulled overboard.

Incredibly, the entire thing was captured on camera, and posted to the Chew On This YouTube channel, and people have been left completely baffled by the catch.

Chancey says by this time the group had been surrounded by boats and were met with a round of applause when they successfully managed to pull the huge fish in.

‘We are calling it the Unforgettable Fishing Miracle,’ he said.