LIFE Guy Makes $4,000 A Month Just Selling Pictures Of His Feet

Guy Makes $4,000 A Month Just Selling Pictures Of His Feet

Everyone likes to make a bit of extra cash, and this guy seems to rake it in by selling pictures of his feet.

Jason Stromm, 35, from Arizona, USA, sells the pictures of his feet to both men and women, and makes an impressive $4,000 a month doing so.

Jason had previously provided adult services as a webcammer, but when one of his clients requested to only see the bottom of his feet, it convinced him to set up an Instagram purely of pictures of his supposedly ‘perfect feet’. Now, his page now has around 5,000 followers, most of whom are males.

The 35-year-old refers to his clients as ‘paypigs’ or ‘cash slaves’ – common terminology used by mistresses in the world of BDSM.

After growing a following on Instagram, Jason took to OnlyFans to generate some cash from his saucy, sole pictures. A standard subscription to access Jason’s content is £6.10 ($7.99) per month, although he will provide you with a custom video if you have the funds. This, alongside tips from fans, brings Jason a cool $4,000 per month.

According to the foot-fetish star, foot pictures are becoming increasingly popular. So, to keep up with his competition, he provides videos, each around six to eight minutes long, where he shows off his feet and uses foot fetish words to turn them on – something other ‘feet guys’ are apparently rarely willing to do.

Speaking about his work, Jason said:

My clients have a foot fetish and the reason they support me financially is because it’s not something they can find for free online. I understand their fetish one hundred per cent because I also have a foot fetish myself.

This little thing makes a huge difference for my fans versus other guys only posting images.

It’s the only thing I do for work at the moment and I am able to survive. It’s enough for me to not have to work at a nine to five and it’s easy fun work.

He added that the best part of his job is how much freedom it gives him, but said the worst part is that he’s not making as much money as he’d like. I mean, $4,000 a month isn’t too shabby, though.

He continued:

Most of my family and friends know what I do and they think it’s hilarious or they congratulate me for being able to make a living doing it. Let’s be honest not everyone can.

I do often get offered to record or take pictures of friends or family’s feet after I tell them what I do.

With his relationship with partners, friends and family being seemingly unaffected by his unconventional line of work, Jason is keen to continue to grow his audience and make more money in the process.