LIFE Great-Great-Great-Grandmother With 173 Descendants Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

Great-Great-Great-Grandmother With 173 Descendants Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

A great-great-great grandmother with 173 descendants recently celebrated her 100th birthday, and I hope she got a gift off every single one of them.

Julia Lee Kelley from North Carolina has five children, 30 grandchildren, 88 great grandchildren, 49 great great grandchildren, and one great great great grandchild making s Baker family look small.

Apparently the huge family holds a reunion every year, but this year was particularly special – it was Julia’s 100th birthday.

With the ongoing health crisis in mind, to celebrate Julia’s birthday her family arranged a drive-thru for her rather than their usual meet up.

Julia and a few of her family members sat under a marquee as people drove past to wave and wish her happy birthday like a true queen.

As well as people driving by, there was apparently a motorcade, dancing, and even a cascade of dollar bills raining down on her, reported . Now how you celebrate a 100th birthday.

Julia’s granddaughter Kelley Oakley documented the whole thing on Facebook in a live video on August 8 that has had over 19,000 views.

Prior to sharing the video, Kelley posted a message on her page wishing her grandmother a happy birthday.

The post read:

Dear Grandma I’m blessed to still have you! Today is your day…live it up! I pray that I live as long as you and still be cute and healthy! I still need to learn how to make those cakes from scratch like you but we still got time. Keep blessing us with just living…I love you and Happy Birthday!!’ My Gma 100 y’all

Happy birthday, Julia!