LIFE Gen Z TikTokers Are Brutally Dragging Millennial Culture

Gen Z TikTokers Are Brutally Dragging Millennial Culture

When you’re young, you kind of assume you’ll be on the very pulse of popular culture forever.

But then one day you wake up and realise that you now have to put the work in to understand the latest trends and social media platforms, as if they were artefacts from another time and place entirely.

Suddenly you’re dully aware that you would far rather be shout-singing along to your well-worn ’00s emo playlists than searching for the hottest new tracks. Worst of all, you’re too knackered from work – and dare I say ‘adulting’ – to care.

Once upon a time, I too would have balked at the dismaying prospect of being over the age of 25 and going to bed at a reasonable hour with an eye mask, cup of tea and a current affairs podcast. Now I live for it, and don’t even feel that deeply uncool.

But sadly, I and my other fellow millennials have been well and truly owned by members of Gen Z, with the pulp being brutally knocked out of our avocado on toast.

For those unfamiliar with the yawning gulf between millennials and Gen Zs, millennials – or Generation Y as they are sometimes referred to – were born roughly within the years 1980 to 1995.

Often depicted as being bone idle in boomer media, the millennial stereotype is a person for whom home ownership is out of reach largely due to their collective obsession with avocado lattes. They are also, sometimes unfairly, judged to be less mature or independent than the generations who came before them.

Gen Zs are a whole different kettle of fish. Born approximately between the years 1995 and 2009, they will not remember a time before modern technology transformed society forever, a factor that impacts the way they research, learn and interact.

Those within this generation are often regarded to be expert communicators, driven by ethical consumption and highly focused ambitious streaks.

Basically, when it comes to an online war of words, we millennials wouldn’t stand a chance. And I regret to inform you that this is exactly what has happened.

Things kicked off after TikTok user @wholesam mercilessly ripped into millennial culture, skewering everything from ‘moustache finger’ tattoos to terms such as ‘epic’ and ‘shy little bean’.

@wholesamStop bullying millennials! They’re pretty cool♬ original sound – undergroundish

The comments quickly descended into a bloodbath, with Gen Zs ripping apart everything their older, more caffeine-obsessed generation holds dear.

One person quipped:

When they say doggo I physically convulse from the pure rage I feel

Another said:

Don’t worry they won’t find this. They’re too busy reading articles about why the 90’s were better.

And a third individual really went in for the kill:

They care about their house when they can’t afford one in real life.

@mayalepainspired by @wholesam♬ original sound – mayalepa

The knife was twisted once again when TikTok user @mayalepa expressed her distaste for millennials in a video that will no doubt cut pretty deep for many people:

Tired of boomers bunching Gen Z and millennials together because I personally don’t want to be associated with people who still think that movies are a personality trait

Ouch. Right, guess I have no choice right now but to go cheer myself up with some wine, pizza and my ‘furbaby’…