LIFE Fight Breaks Out On Plane To Ibiza After Drunken Passengers Refuse To Wear Masks

Fight Breaks Out On Plane To Ibiza After Drunken Passengers Refuse To Wear Masks

A number of plane passengers got caught up in a fight onboard a flight to Ibiza when two men refused to wear face masks. 

The altercation broke out after passengers boarded the KLM flight, which took off from Amsterdam on Friday, July 31.

Footage shared online shows a man in a black t-shirt wearing a face mask around his chin and shouting at a shirtless passenger who wasn’t wearing a face covering of any kind. A third man, also without a mask, could be seen hitting the shirtless man before being pushed aside by other members of the public.

Check out the video below:

The video was posted on the Instagram account @michighclub, which claimed one of the ‘unruly’ passengers was English and had been drinking vodka on the flight.

The KLM airline has made face masks mandatory when boarding and during the flight, but despite the rules a number of people in the video can be seen without masks, or wearing their masks below their chins, rendering them ineffective.

On its website, KLM explains:

Until at least 31 August 2020, you’re required to wear a face mask from the first boarding call until you have gone through the arrival gate at your destination to prevent the further spread of the virus.

Without face covering, we cannot allow you to board.

Passengers up to 10 years old and passengers who can’t wear face masks because of medical reasons are exempted from this requirement.

Passengers are also required to wear masks at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, indicating the two men would have had masks to use, but still they refused to wear them.

During the fight, other passengers could be heard urging the two men to calm down, with one shouting: ‘There are kids here!’ Footage later showed one man being restrained in the aisle while a flight attendant asked people to take their seats.

The airline issued a statement following the incident to say two of the men involved were restrained with the help of other passengers, and that they were later arrested, reports.

A spokesperson said:

Two unruly passengers refused to wear their face masks, and they were bothering their fellow passengers physically and verbally.

The pilot informed the local authorities and upon arrival, both passengers were arrested. The flight safety was not compromised during the flight.

Face masks are vital to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, which can be passed on from person to person through droplets.