LIFE Family Hospitalised After ‘Local Prankster’ Gives Them Bag Of Weed

Family Hospitalised After ‘Local Prankster’ Gives Them Bag Of Weed

An entire family from India has been left hospitalised after a ‘local prankster’ tricked them into thinking that a bag of cannabis contained a leafy green vegetable.

It’s believed one of the victims was given the bag of weed as a cruel prank by a vegetable vender, who wrongly informed him that it was full of fenugreek.

Oblivious to what was really in the bag, the family used the ‘vegetable’ to make aloo-methi, a popular potato based side dish. However, they quickly started to feel dizzy, and it was clear something was amiss.

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Thankfully, the family managed to alert one of their neighbour before they lost consciousness, and were rushed to hospital for treatment. All six of them are fortunately said to be in a stable condition.

Police officers have since arrested a man on suspicion of being connected with this ‘prank’, and have also seized the rest of the drugs.

Photographs show a huge bag filled with what appears to be cannabis, with the substance having reportedly been taken from the family home.

A local source has stated than, following heavy consumption of the cannabis, the family members began passing out, but managed to inform their neighbours beforehand.

The source stated:

They were rushed to a hospital where all six of their conditions remain stable.

The incident occurred on June 27 in Miyaganj village, Kannauj city. Footage shows the affected family members lying on hospital beds whilst being treated.

Fenugreek leaves – which do bear some resemblance to cannabis leaves – are often used in cooking to for seasoning potatoes, rice, daal dishes and curries. They are also known for their strong, sweet aroma.

Aloo-methi is a dish of fenugreek leaves and potatoes sauteed in garlic and spices. A popular winter staple in India, it is often served with flatbread.

After the vegetable seller in question was detained, he informed police officers that he had given the cannabis leaves to the family as a ‘prank’. However, this incident is far from a laughing matter and it is always completely unacceptable to tamper with what a person believes they are eating.

Excessive consumption of cannabis can lead to an elevated heart rate which can put older people at risk of a heart attack. It can also result in anxiety as well as extreme psychotic reactions.