LIFE Doppelgängers From Different Continents Meet Together After Seeing Each Other Online

Doppelgängers From Different Continents Meet Together After Seeing Each Other Online

Doppelgängers are a strange concept, aren’t they? I mean, can you imagine if you were just walking down the street one day when all of a sudden someone who looked identical to you walked past? What would you do?

In fairness, the likelihood of that happening is extremely small. You’d be more likely to find your doppelgänger, say, scrolling through social media or through a mutual connection.

Which is exactly what happened to 18-year-old Bianca Mihai and 25-year-old Lana Al Beik, who despite living thousands of miles apart in different continents were made aware of their extreme likeness by their loved ones.

Bianca, a singer from Buzau, Romania, who took part in a TV talent show in 2018, learned about her likeness to Palestinian-Syrian model Lana through her friend, Alexandra Danciu, who came across Lana on social media.

After watching the model in a video about makeup, Alexandra couldn’t believe what she was seeing and immediately showed the video to Bianca, who then showed her parents. Incredibly, when her parents showed screenshots to Bianca’s grandmother, she thought she was just looking at her granddaughter.

‘[She] said, “Wow, where did you take those images? Very beautiful Bianca, how stunning you are”,’ Bianca explained. ‘My dad said to her, “no it’s not Bianca, it’s another woman”.’

Meanwhile Lana, who lives in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), also apparently came across her doppelgänger online – this time via her own mum.

The 25-year-old explained:

One day my mum was on Instagram when she asked me about a video. I said, ‘Mum, I don’t sing. That’s not me there’. She said, ‘Seriously, that isn’t you?’

I asked her: ‘You don’t even know your own daughter?’ She thought I was on stage singing, but it was Bianca.

Which is some going. Can you imagine looking so alike to a complete stranger – with a seven-year age difference, no less – that your own mum gets you mixed up?

Despite living thousands of miles away from each other, the pair decided to meet up in Dubai recently, with Bianca travelling to the UAE to meet her lookalike with the help of her photographer friend and the NGO Freedom Station, according to local media.

The two met on a Dubai beach where they posed for pictures – one of which Bianca later shared on Instagram – and were reportedly overwhelmed with emotion, with Bianca saying: ‘It really is something magical.’

They have already agreed to meet up again in Romania.