LIFE Comic Book Superfan Creates Most Realistic Iron Man Suit Ever Made

Comic Book Superfan Creates Most Realistic Iron Man Suit Ever Made

A guy on TikTok has made a real life Iron Man suit, and Tony Stark has an heir apparent.

Brandon Phomvongsa, known as ‘Techmaster’ on social media, based the suit off Marvel’s franchise, with the costume having a drop-down iron mask and bright light on the chest to represent Iron Man’s ARC reactor.

Techmaster currently has 195,000 followers on TikTok and has generated a whopping 2.5 million likes with his creative content.

The costume designed by the engineer has some super impressive features that even non-Marvel fans can appreciate, including flames coming out of his hands, rockets shooting off his shoulders and even a built-in electronic sledgehammer-esque device.

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Now, while its all fun and games creating the awesome suit, it’ll probably be costing Brandon a pretty penny to create. As a result, he’s set up a GoFundMe page for people to donate on so he can continue making the suit even better.

In the description for the online fundraiser, Brandon wrote:

For 8 years of my life I have dedicated my time to working on producing the worlds most realistic Iron man suit ever made. I have made several variations of the suit along the years as my knowledge has progressed and I have come much farther than I ever had imagined. There is so much more I want to build but I do not always have funds to spend on this dream.

I honestly am so surprised that everyone liked all the footage of my suit over the years, that means so so much to me. I’ve actually made YouTube channels in the past but they never really went anywhere so I just continued to record for myself over the years. I’ve actually recorded almost every moment of me working on the suit and various other creations which is why I had to make a massive computer with about 14 terabytes of storage. I am thankful for absolutely everything you all do to support and I’ll continue to post as many videos as I can !!

Brandon’s target is $4,000; as of today, August 24, he’s raised $1,250.

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One of Brandon’s most popular videos was one he shared last week of a compilation of clips demonstrating the suit’s impressive features. Shared on August 12, the video has already accumulated 4.5 million views.

In another video where Brandon shows off the suit’s impressive built-in power-tool feature, people expressed how much they were impressed. One person wrote, ‘I keep seeing Iron Man builds and this is my favorite so far,’ while someone else said, ‘This is art right there.’

Someone else dubbed him ‘the incredible tinman’ – our fingers are crossed for his appearance in Phase 4 of the MCU.