LIFE Black Cop Pulled Over By White Cop Says It Was ‘Scariest Encounter Ever’

Black Cop Pulled Over By White Cop Says It Was ‘Scariest Encounter Ever’

A Black police officer who was pulled over by a white cop while off duty said it was the ‘scariest encounter ever’.

Micheal Lawrence was pulled over in Maryland, USA, and described the situation as a ‘wolf pulling over a wolf’.

Lawrence was questioned if there was a reason he took a particular route in his car. This question was then followed with the officer asking if he had any knives, guns, or bombs.

Lawrence said the officer’s ‘whole demeanour changed’ and after he said yes to having guns and knives in the car and the white officer then put his hand on his weapon before giving the fellow police officer a chance to explain.

In a video shared on YouTube, Lawrence said:

I said I am law enforcement – I have all the credentials to show you. This man’s hand stayed on his weapon.

He said, ‘well let me see them’. F*ck no. I’m not reaching into my pocket where my gun is on my hip. I told him that. Then I said ‘please turn on your bodycam’. It was off.

Lawrence further explained that law enforcement should be wearing bodycams and if you don’t see the little red light on them then ‘don’t do sh*t’. He added that he was nervous and scared because ‘a bullet doesn’t give a sh*t who you are’.

The white officer then asked Lawrence to get his wallet out of his back pocket to prove his identity, but Lawrence refused and said the officer could retrieve it himself while having the bodycam turned on.

He added, ‘just by the wrong response, that could have gone really bad’ and advised people to ‘be careful out there’.

Lawrence then gave people advise on what to do if they’re pulled over themselves.

He said:

If you’re pulled over you have a right to demand a lieutenant or sergeant or someone in charge. Grab your phone; when they pull you over you dial 911.

Lawrence says to tell the person on the other end of the call that you’ve been pulled over and, while the officers may be wearing uniform, you say you don’t trust the situation and they should then send someone out to you.

He again told people to be safe and said to ‘drive right to give them no f*cking reason’ to pull you over.

Fortunately for Lawrence the situation was contained and he drove away unharmed, but sadly this isn’t always the case.

You can watch the full video of him talking about the ordeal here.