LIFE Baker Ruins Pregnant Woman’s Gender Reveal Cake By Putting Colour On Outside

Baker Ruins Pregnant Woman’s Gender Reveal Cake By Putting Colour On Outside

A pregnant woman who hoped to find out whether she was having a boy or a girl with a gender reveal cake was baffled when the baker put the colour on the outside. 

Gone are the days when excited parents would find out the gender of their baby in a quiet hospital room. Now, it’s all about celebrating the upcoming arrival with parties involving fireworks, cannons, cakes or balloons – or all of the above, if you’re being particularly extravagant.

Obviously, revealing the gender involves some active form of revelation, but it’s hard to keep something secret when it’s quite literally put in front of you.

Unfortunately that’s what happened for one mum-to-be – check out her video here:

@crazypiggies##greenscreen Worse, it happened with my gender reveal cake WITH THE COLOR OF THE GENDER ON THE OUTSIDE SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️ 😂 ##GENDERREVEAL♬ original sound – madelineshaeneely

In case you’re unaware, gender reveal parties involve – predictably – the baby’s gender being revealed in front of excited parents and guests. The gender is typically indicated by colour; pink for a girl and blue for a boy, thanks to our stereotypical associations between colour and gender.

The revelation can be made in front of friends and family when partygoers set off streamers, release balloons or cut into the cake, which in turn will reveal the colour.

But one TikTok user, who goes by the handle @crazypiggies, didn’t get the satisfaction of cutting into the cake because the baker had plastered the sponge in blue icing, meaning as soon as the mum set eyes on it she knew she was having a boy.

Taking to social media to share her frustrations at the situation, the TikToker shared a picture of the cake she’d asked for; a cute, white-covered sponge patterned with bees and the words ‘what will it bee…’ written across the top.

Clearly there’d been some kind of miscommunication, or the baker just decided to ignore the customer’s wishes, because the cake the mum received was entirely blue, with a creepy-looking, naked baby sculpture perched on top of the sponge.

The only thing the baker had managed to get right was the phrase written across the cake, though the mystery of the words were immediately made redundant by the blue icing.

In the video, the mum pointed to her ideal cake before revealing the disaster she’d ended up with and burst out laughing – or possibly into tears – as she compared the two.

While the gender reveal didn’t quite go to plan, the TikTok user later assured her followers that her baby shower cake made up for the failed blue one, so at least she got to enjoy one of the celebrations as planned!