LIFE Austrian Police Defend Decision To Fine Man Who Farted ‘With Full Intent’

Austrian Police Defend Decision To Fine Man Who Farted ‘With Full Intent’

Police in Austria have taken to social media to defend their decision to fine a man €500 (£447) for ‘intentionally’ farting in their presence. 

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who would love to have their spouse hand over hundreds of pounds every time they let one rip, but while it might be a good way to pay for your next holiday, you have to admit it seems slightly unfair.

That’s not the opinion of Austrian police, though, especially when they determined that the fart in question wasn’t accidental.

The loud incident occurred on June 5 in Bennoplatz, Vienna, where the offending farter had been sitting on a park bench with officers nearby, according to Vienna Police Department, as per .

In a series of posts on Twitter, police explained the man ‘rose slightly from the park bench, looked at the officers, and let go a massive intestinal wind apparently with full intent’ in the immediate vicinity of the officers.

Now, the police department stressed that ‘no one is reported for accidentally letting one go’, so don’t worry if you feel a gust of wind coming on the next time you find yourself near Austrian police, but they felt they had to issue a punishment because this particular man had appeared to fart with purpose.

He had apparently behaved ‘provocatively and uncooperatively’ during an encounter with officers before letting one rip, but the fart seemed to be the action that tipped police over the edge, and the man has now been slammed with the €500 fine for ‘offending public decency.’

If he fails to pay the farting fine within five days, the culprit will face five days in jail. Vienna Police Department confirmed the news of the incident in response to a tweet that said: ‘Farting in the presence of a police officer costs a lot.’ Of course, we all know the age-old saying: don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time – or pay the fine, in this case.

Vienna Police Department added on Twitter the penalty ‘is imposed individually by the criminal officer for each individual case’, adding: ‘as with any administrative announcement, appeals can be lodged and legal remedies can be brought.’

News of the unusual incident has been shared on the r/Austria Reddit thread, where amused users showed support for the farter and argued: ‘we must not be ‘suppressed’, let the intestinal wind escape for everyone!’

Whether the fart really was intentional or not, I’m sure the man in question will think twice about where he lets one rip in future.