LIFE Australian Man Sacked From Job After Speeding Battle With Deadly Snake

Australian Man Sacked From Job After Speeding Battle With Deadly Snake

A man who went viral for driving at 80mph while fighting off a deadly snake in his car has lost his job.

James ‘Jimmy’ Canhan, from Boyne Island, Australia, was pulled over by police when they caught him speeding in a 60mph zone.

Police filmed the moment they approached Jimmy in his truck, only to discover he had been quickly driving towards a hospital because he had a deadly snake in the vehicle, which he believed had bitten him.

Check it out here:

In the clip, a terrified Jimmy tells officers: ‘A brown snake or a tiger snake, it’s in the back of the ute. It was in the ute with me, I think it’s bitten me.’

Moments later, officers spot the deadly brown snake in the vehicle, bleeding and lying across the back tray.

Jimmy said the snake had slithered into his car via the gear box and began wrapping around his legs, before he managed to use a work knife to fight it off.

The police called straight through to paramedics, who rushed to the scene to check Jimmy out. Fortunately, it was revealed Jimmy hadn’t been bitten, but he was suffering from some pretty serious shock following the incident.

The clip quickly went viral, racking up more than one million views in less than a week. However, the online fame has come at a cost for the father-of-one.

Jimmy received a call from his boss to say he was being let go, meaning he would also lose his company car after getting rid of his own.

‘My boss called me and said I didn’t have a job anymore, when I was just spending time with my daughter Annabelle, who lives with her mum in Townsville, and didn’t have work on anyway,’ he told the .

‘I had a company car, so I sold my own car and now I’m left with nothing to drive. So now I’ve got no job and I have my daughter to help support.’

He added:

My dog needs to go to vet for his ear, and I just want to get my finances sorted out to pay for it.

Jimmy has since said he believed he was ‘facing death either way’ from speeding in his truck or being bitten by the deadly reptile.

‘I just had to calculate my own survival, it was just the primal instinct that came to me,’ he said. ‘I had no other thoughts in my head but get this thing out of here.’

Here’s hoping Jimmy finds work soon, and doesn’t land anymore unexpected passengers.