LIFE $22 Million Lottery Winner Keeps Decades Old Promise To Split Win With Best Friend In Wisconsin

$22 Million Lottery Winner Keeps Decades Old Promise To Split Win With Best Friend In Wisconsin

With so much greed in the world, it’s always lovely to see someone split their good fortune with another person, especially when it’s with their very best pal.

Longtime friends Tom Cook and Joe Feeney of Menomonie, Wisconsin, made a pact years back that if one of them ever won the lottery, they would split the winnings between themselves.

Now, plenty of mates make this sort of pact – and I know I’ve promised friends everything from cars to swimming pools should my numbers come up – but very rarely do any of us actually get to come through on this sort of promise.

Check out Tom and Joe’s story here:

The pair went on to buy a Powerball ticket every week and, like many of us dreamers, never thought they would actually win big.

Amazingly, Tom ended up winning the $22 million in the Wisconsin Lottery, and he didn’t forget about his old friend Joe, or the solemn handshake they made about twenty years ago.

Speaking with the Wisconsin Lottery, Tom simply said, ‘a handshake is a handshake, man’, with the Lottery having since confirmed they will be splitting the prize 50/50.

Unsurprisingly, avid fisherman Joe couldn’t quite believe his ears when Tom rang him up with the happy news, asking him, ‘are you jerking my bobber?’

The chances of actually bagging the Powerball’s grand prize are very slim indeed, currently sitting at one in 292,201,338 to be exact.

The lucky pair had chosen the cash option of $16.7 million, and so took home around $5.7 million each after federal and state taxes. This win marked Wisconsin’s 18th Powerball jackpot since the state began the game in 1992.

This is the also first Wisconsin Powerball jackpot win since March 2019, when Wisconsin saw a record-setting $768.4 Million jackpot winner. The state is now tied for fourth place on the list of all time frequent winners.

Wisconsin Lottery Director Cindy Polzin said:

Congratulations to Tom, Joe, and their families. The power of friendship and a handshake has paid off. I’m thrilled for them – their lucky day has arrived!

Tom handed in his notice at work and retired after the win, while Joe has already retired from an area fire department. Going forward, the two men hope to use their newfound windfall to kick back and enjoy some quality family time.

They are also looking to doing a bit of travelling, having previously taken road trips together, along with their wives, in a small PT Cruiser convertible. With a substantial amount of money in their respective wallets, they now have plans for a vehicle upgrade.

Tom said:

We can pursue what we feel comfortable with. I can’t think of a better way to retire.

Many congratulations to Tom and Joe!