FILM & TV The Mighty Ducks Trailer Has Been Re-Cut Into A Thriller And It’s Terrifying

The Mighty Ducks Trailer Has Been Re-Cut Into A Thriller And It’s Terrifying

Once a feel-good Disney classic, has been re-envisioned as a chilling thriller. ‘We either play… or play around.’ 

The 1992 sports flick sees attorney Gordon Bombay ( Emilio Estevez) arrested for drunk driving and forced into coaching the local District 5 ice hockey team to meet his 500 hours of community service.

While sitting at an appalling 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, Disney’s has stood the test of time and emerged as a beloved, schmaltzy film for all the family. However, imagine a world where it wasn’t for kids at all, and was actually a sinister thriller.

Check out the re-imagined trailer for below: 

The trailer opens with Gordon’s initial meeting with the Ducks, who are reluctant to take him on as their coach. ‘I’m not going home ’til I take care of business,’ Gordon says, before seemingly shooting one of the kids.

It’s a brilliantly put-together trailer by Tim Lewis, craftily assembled from the film’s footage via some hilarious editing and music choices. It’s unclear whether Gordon wants to kill the kids in this version, or if he recruits them to be his own hitmen. Regardless, I’d watch it.

One user commented: ‘Hahahaha god dammit this has no right to as good as it is.’ Barstool Sports shared the video on Twitter, writing: ‘This Trailer For Recut As A Thriller Isn’t Enough. We Need The Full Movie.’

It’s fairly common ground to fiddle with classic films’ tones. One of the first people to do it was Christopher Rule, re-cutting into a legitimately terrifying horror movie trailer, which has been peddled around film and media studies classrooms for 13 years, citing its rather masterful manipulation of tone.

Comments on the video include: ‘Our Language Arts teacher showed us this in seventh grade to show how atmosphere can change an entire story… I LOVE IT.’

Another user wrote: ‘FOR me… this is the SCARIEST RECUT TRAILER… period… the head spinning, the kids getting sucked into the chimney… it’s legitimately scary.’

There’s also an alternate trailer for Stanley Kubrick’s iconic horror , re-envisioned as a romantic comedy. One user wrote: ‘New life goal: find someone who hasn’t heard of , show them this, then if they get excited by the trailer actually watch with them.’

Another commented: ‘Showed my grandmother this trailer. She went and rented the movie afterwards. Well… the funeral is tomorrow. Massive heart attack.’

is available to stream on Disney+ now.