FILM & TV People Are Divided Over Zac Efron’s Supposed Dad Bod

People Are Divided Over Zac Efron’s Supposed Dad Bod

After watching on Netflix, some people think Zac Efron has a ‘dad bod’. Let me be the first say: absolutely not. 

From to , the actor went from teen heartthrob to muscled unit in the blink of an eye. However, his latest appearance on the streaming platform supposedly brought another ‘transformation’ into ‘dad bod’ status.

Screenshots from an episode of the docuseries featuring a topless Efron receiving a steam healing treatment quickly went viral online. Throughout the show, he has facial hair, chest hair and he’s ever-so-slightly less ripped than when he ran along the beach with Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

The division over Efron’s ‘dad bod’ escalated when tweeted an article with the headline: ‘Zac Efron’s ‘dad bod’ transformation on Netflix show shocks fans’.

Writer Eric D. Snider replied, writing: ‘That’s not a Dad Bod, it’s a Daddy Bod, and if you don’t know the difference nobody can explain it.’ Another user tweeted: ‘If people are saying Zac Efron has a dad bod looking like this… there’s no hope for the rest of us.’

Praising the new look, one user wrote: ‘Tell me why I’m attracted to Zac Efron now that he’s thicc dirty looking with a sort of dad bod than when he was hairless with chiseled abs.’ Another tweeted: ‘Growing up I was never attracted to Zac Efron… but after today damn… mini dad bod vibes.’

However, another user criticised the distinction, writing: ‘First people body-shamed Jason Momoa for this kind of body and now they’re doing it for Zac Efron, so I’ll say this: THIS IS NOT A DAD BOD. NOT EVEN F*CKING CLOSE. THIS MF IS STILL IN REALLY GOOD SHAPE. SHUT UP.’

Earlier this year, while appearing on , Efron said he didn’t want to be in shape ever again.

‘It was so hard. You’re working with almost no wiggle room, right? You’ve got things like water under your skin that you’re worrying about, making your six-pack into a four-pack. Sh*t like that it’s just not… it’s just stupid,’ he told Sean Evans.

One user’s comment was particularly astute, writing: ‘Zac Efron does not have a dad bod. ALSO, stop turning body types into a fetish and grow the f*ck up. We all have different body types. Accept it and move on! Also this show has good CONTENT. Which is why you should be watching it!!’

It’s not a dad bod, and that’s that. is available to watch on Netflix now.