FILM & TV Jurassic Park Fans Spot Massive Error In Original Film’s Raptor Scene

Jurassic Park Fans Spot Massive Error In Original Film’s Raptor Scene

An eagle-eyed fan has shared a huge error they spotted while watching the scene where the raptors enter the kitchen in the original movie. 

Considering it was released in 1993, the dinosaurs in were pretty damn impressive. There’s nothing quite like the enjoyment you get when Grant sees them roaming the land, and the result of the detail put in is a movie that stands the test of time.

Still, this was before the days of the epic visual effects seen in ; it wasn’t as easy to make the creatures look realistic without at least a small helping hand from humans on set. It just so happens, unfortunately, that one particular helping hand was caught on camera.

Check out the scene here:

The blunder was shared on Reddit this week by the user ‘Unicorn-Shaman’, who wrote: ‘In Jurassic Park (1993), there is a scene where the raptor opens the door to the kitchen and you can spot an operator grab the raptor’s tail.’

The operator’s hand is only visible for a matter of seconds, but it is visible nonetheless, seen pushing the dinosaur’s tail just as the shot pans out from the raptor.

Admittedly, this probably isn’t something a first-time viewer would spot; it seems to me like one of those details you only notice when you’re on your sixth, seventh or eighth viewing, and you know the basics so well that your eyes start wandering to the background.

Fans may have stepped up their viewing of since the original trilogy arrived on Netflix last month, but I must point out that even long-time fans were surprised at the blunder, with one Reddit user responding to say: ‘I’ve watched this so many times growing up and still to this day if it’s on television. Never noticed.’

Another wrote:

Watch the scene on YouTube. It’s really hard to tell that it’s a hand since it’s zoomed out. It just looks like it’s her tail coming into frame.

A third fan questioned whether the hand really belonged to an operator and instead opted for a more wholesome theory, writing:

How do you know that’s not just some secret homie that the Raptor rolls around with giving him little pats of encouragement?

While fans may notice the blunder in every future viewing, we can forgive the creators because of how good the film turned out to be. Let’s just hope they keep their hands off the dinosaurs in the upcoming film, .