FILM & TV Jurassic Park Becomes No. 1 Film In US Thirty Years After Release

Jurassic Park Becomes No. 1 Film In US Thirty Years After Release

There are some things that never get old, and is clearly one of them, as the film has managed to become number one in the US almost three decades after its release. 

Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years of course, but through the brilliance of cinema we’ve seen them make multiple comebacks, whether it’s thanks to meddling scientists or, in this case, drive-in theatres.

With many indoor cinemas shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, film fans have taken to watching movies from the safety of their cars at drive-ins across the US. However, as many new releases have been delayed or released on-demand, theatres have had to turn to older films in order to entertain their audiences.

Cinemagoers were out in force over Father’s Day weekend, June 19–21, and according to hundreds of theatres opted for timeless classics such as and .

The iconic dinosaur movie was played at 230 sites across the US, while the ever-intense shark epic was available for viewing at 187 locations.

There were approximately 300 drive-ins open for guests, as well as select cinemas; 160 of the top grossing 201 cinemas were drive-ins. With families and friends flooding to the venues, managed to earn a total of $517,600, while racked up $516,300.

The takings put the two classic films in the number one and two spots respectively, beating the previous weekend’s frontrunners by a few hundred thousand dollars. On the weekend of June 13-14, earned $383,000 while brought in $275,700.

This is the fourth time in its release history that has been number one in the US. Following its release in 1993, it held the top spot for its first three weekends.

Other Steven Spielberg classics also found their way into the top 20 last weekend, with the 1982 blockbuster coming in seventh place after earning $126,189 from 100 locations, while came in at number 18 with $69,047 from 109 sites, according to .

Film fans in the UK will soon be able to join in with the enjoyment, as every single instalment will be available to stream on Netflix from July 1. The experience might not quite be the same as watching it on the big screen, but at least fans will be able to see dinosaurs come back to life on demand.

The upcoming addition to the franchise, was put on hold as a result of coronavirus, but plans to resume shooting soon with a release date set for next year.

Until then, the classics are here to provide just as much entertainment as always.