FILM & TV Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith’s Red Table Talk About August Alsina Sets Facebook Watch Viewing Record

Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith’s Red Table Talk About August Alsina Sets Facebook Watch Viewing Record

Jada Pinkett Smith’s show has set a new Facebook Watch viewing record with its latest episode, which features a conversation with her husband Will about her relationship with August Alsina. 

Rumours about Jada’s relationship with the American singer began to spread earlier this month, when August appeared on the morning radio show and claimed the two had an affair.

August, 27, alleged he’d ‘sat down with Will and had a conversation’ about entering into a relationship with his wife, and that the star had given him his ‘blessing’ to do so.

See the Facebook Watch video below:

Jada previously dismissed the allegation that Will had given August his ‘blessing’, but she delved deeper into the subject in an episode of her show , released on Friday, July 10.

While the host usually brings friends, celebrities and other guests to the table to talk, this time she brought ‘herself’ to the table, with her husband Will asking the questions.

Though it’s not really anyone’s business apart from those involved, naturally the world was more than intrigued to watch what happened when Jada discussed having a relationship with someone who wasn’t her husband, with her husband – and the viewing figures reflected that love for a celebrity scandal.

According to preliminary numbers cited by , the episode drew more than 15 million views in the first 24 hours, setting a new record for the most views in 24 hours for a Facebook Watch original episode.

The previous record was also held by for an episode featuring Jordyn Woods, which racked up 7.6 million views in 24 hours.

During their discussion, Will and Jada explained that they had been separated when she entered into a relationship with August about four years ago. The pair said they had been going through a rough time, with Will commenting: ‘I was done with your ass.’

It’s unclear how much Will knew of the details about his wife’s relationship with August before the conversation on , though many viewers seemed shocked that they would talk so openly about their relationship in front of the whole world.

50 Cent dropped Will a DM to ask the actor whether he was okay following the release of the episode, though he quickly crossed a line when he started talking about Jada’s sex life, causing Will to tell him: ‘f*ck you’.

Elsewhere, the conversation has inspired memes and jokes across the internet, with many viewers wondering if Will’s comments about being ‘done’ with Jada were made as an effort to save face.

While the conversation may not have been the most comfortable one to have, it evidently made for some good viewing.