FILM & TV Idris Elba Confirms A Luther Movie Is Happening

Idris Elba Confirms A Luther Movie Is Happening

Dust off your trench coat and polish up your gruff voice because Idris Elba has confirmed a film is coming to the big screen.

The 47-year-old actor from Hackney, London, said the film adaptation ‘is happening’ backstage at the BAFTAs last night, July 31, after receiving the Special Award for his contributions to TV as an actor, writer and producer.

He told :

I’ve maintained I’d like to see it come to a film, and that is where I think we are heading towards…

And I’m looking forward to making that happen. It is happening.

News of the Metropolitan Police’s most baddest ass (fictional) copper’s return to the screen will come to fan’s relief after the last series finished airing in January last year.

Elba went on to tease details of the scope the  film could bring and the scale of his ambition to up the stakes of the crime drama.

He added:

With film, the sky is the limit. You can be a little bit more bold with the storylines. And a little bit more international, and a little more up the scale. But John Luther is always going to be John Luther.

Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing DCI Luther dishing out some karma outside of the North Circular.