FILM & TV Gerard Butler Confirms Den Of Thieves Is Getting A Sequel

Gerard Butler Confirms Den Of Thieves Is Getting A Sequel

Gerard Butler has confirmed is getting a sequel as well as teasing at another of his films getting one too.

The 2018 movie saw the likes of 50 Cent, O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Pablo Schreiber star alongside the actor.

Butler played the lead character of Nick O’Brien, the hard-drinking leader of the Regulators – an elite unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Butler is currently promoting is upcoming movie about a man and his family embark on a dangerous journey as a comet hurtles toward Earth – quite different from the actor’s usual action movies.

In an interview with , the 50-year-old actor was asked if it felt a bit ‘eerie’ releasing a movie about the possible end of the world in light of everything going on at the moment.

Butler replied:

The realization of how vulnerable we are as humans. With ours, it was more of the threat to the environment and to the planet, but then it’s almost uncanny the similarity to what’s going on today with COVID, with Black Lives Matter protests, because we always felt that our message was about humanity coming together. And these things always tend to bring us together.

He also chatted to about a sequel. While the bass-ass movie only made just over $80 million worldwide, it was evidently enough to justify a follow-up movie.

The film didn’t do amazingly reviews wise either with it receiving a measly 41% on Rotten Tomatoes and 49% from Metacritic. IMDb has given it a slightly more generous 7/10.

Despite this, Butler confirmed he’s currently in talks with writer and director Christian Gudegast.

The 50-year-old Scot said:

We’re working on that script at the moment, and I’m getting pages daily from Christian. It’s a fun ride, spreading across North America into Europe and the diamond district of Marseilles.

It’s very cool and has a more European vibe this time. All the fun characters, Big Nick, Donnie, and Lobbin’ Bob [Jordan Bridges], will be back. And I’m really excited about it.

So are we Gerard, so are we.

Butler also teased at a fourth movie saying, ‘I think you will be seeing another. We’re toying away with another really fantastic idea that we’re working on at the moment that obviously we can’t say too much about.’

Keep your eyes peeled, folks.