FILM & TV Chucky TV Series Drops First Trailer And Confirms 2021 Release Date

Chucky TV Series Drops First Trailer And Confirms 2021 Release Date

The trailer for the upcoming TV series has been released and it’s just as creepy as you might expect. 

The series comes from creator Don Mancini, who was behind the original 1988 film and its six sequels. Mancini’s involvement suggests the infamous doll will be just as maniacal in his return as he was when fans first fell in love with him – or at least when they were first terrified by him.

is set to air on both SYFY and the USA Network from 2021, and if the new trailer is anything to go by it seems he won’t be wasting any time when it comes to getting back to his murderous ways.

Check it out here:

Set to spine-chilling music, the trailer pans along the shelves of a toy shop before cutting to a silhouetted shot of our ‘old friend’, who brandishes a knife in true dramatic fashion.

The series is being produced by David Kirschner and will see Brad Dourif returning to voice the character. Production on luckily managed to wrap up before the coronavirus outbreak brought many shows to a halt, so thankfully fans shouldn’t have to wait any longer than anticipated to see the doll back in action.

Mancini previously told that the creators wanted to ‘preserve the straightforward scariness of the original film or the first couple of films’, while also continuing on with the ‘ever-expanding tapestry of consistent story’ that is told over the original seven films.

The trailer comes to an end with Dourif voicing a triumphant, blood-curdling laugh, givings fans a thrilling taste of what’s to come.