FASHION Vera Wang Celebrates Her 71st Birthday With Age-Defying Photos

Vera Wang Celebrates Her 71st Birthday With Age-Defying Photos

As impossible as it may be to believe, the age-defying Vera Wang has just turned 71, showing that age is no barrier when it comes to having a sensational sense of style.

Perhaps unfairly, many of those from younger generations view those over the age of 70 to be very much into comfortable jumpers and sensible, cruise-ready shoes.

However, photos taken one day prior to Vera Wang’s big day will undoubtedly force many people to think twice about how they view this age group before passing assumptions.

The photographs in question show Wang rocking a black Adidas sports bra and dark green Balenciaga leggings, accessorised with a huge pair of aviator sunglasses.

Looking as striking as ever with her waterfall of jet black hair and toned abs, Wang showed off a freshly painted rainbow manicure with the caption, ‘PRIDE Workout’.

Jaws were promptly on the floor as fans did the maths and figured out the age of the fashion legend, who could still very much easily pass for a woman in her early thirties.

One person gasped, ‘Share the fountain of youth ma’am’, while another praised, ‘So gorgeous. You do not know how to age woman’.

In a tweet thanking fans for their kind well-wishes, Wang described herself as ’71 & having fun’, showing none of the hang-ups about age that far too many of us obsess about.

Wang’s youthful appearance has long been a source of fascination with fans, who have often quizzed her for tips on how to obtain her enviable look. When asked about her exercise routine by an Instagram follower earlier this year, Wang simply replied, ‘Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, not much sun’.

Known to have a very relatable penchant for pizza and donuts, the famed designer has also previously opened up about her less than enthusiastic approach to exercise.

In May, shared a photograph of Wang sitting on a treadmill while wearing white stilettos, an image she described as depicting ‘my personal conflict between loving athleisure clothing but dreading the treadmill’.

Wang was born in New York City on June 27, 1949, and went on to become one of the youngest-ever editors in fashion history, taking up the post shortly after graduating from Sarah Lawrence College.

After a 17-year stint at , Wang left for a position at Ralph Lauren, before ultimately resigning and becoming an iconic independent designer in her own right.

Although Wang’s impressive and fascinating career has spanned many eras of fashion, her youthful glow remains very much the same, and very much in vogue. Happy birthday, Vera!