FASHION Inflatable Trousers Selling For $2,000 Can’t Be Worn In Heat Or Daylight

Inflatable Trousers Selling For $2,000 Can’t Be Worn In Heat Or Daylight

We all know the world of fashion can be a strange place, but these trousers must be in the top 10 of the strangest designs.

This unique item of clothing comes from emerging menswear designer Harikrishnan, whose brand is now known as Harri, and the black pair in particular would make the wearer look like a member of for all the wrong reasons.

While common people like you and I may think the trousers are pretty weird, the likes of and – of course – simply love them.

After making their debut on the catwalk back in March, they’re now available to preorder. The trousers come in two colours: -esque black; and I-look-like-something-from-–– green and white stripes.

Made of latex, the self-inflated trousers come with several warnings – including keeping them away from heat, daylight, and metals, as well as avoiding contact with all oils. Basically, you can just wear them in bed.

Adding to the stress of wearing the trousers, you have to use talcum powder when wearing them – queue the flashbacks of Ross in having this issue with his leather pants.

spoke to the 26-year-old designer earlier this year about his unique design, when he said that he likes the ‘blur the boundaries between clothing and high art’.

Explaining where he got the idea for the trousers, Harikrishnan said:

The idea [came about] when I was playing with my pet dog. I was aware of dogs’ vision and differences compared to humans, but the interesting aspect was the exaggeration of objects viewed from such a low angle, reminding me of fisheye lens images.

Visualising the world through his eyes was exciting and humorous with strange possibilities in terms of proportions. The thought of him seeing me as a giant figure or not seeing my head was quite puzzling. So, I decided to visually distort the people around me, inspired by his eyes.

But how do you inflate them, I hear you ask? There’s an inflation valve attached to the hem of the trousers where the air can be pumped in, of course.

Harikrishnan added that it took around 48 hours to complete each of the trousers he created for his London College of Fashion graduate collection show, which took place five months ago.

The trousers and now available to order via the APOC store, a new platform that works with emerging designers. The ‘Black Limo’ pair retails for $1,160 (£870), while the ‘Striped Swirl’ pair retails for $1,961 (£1,470).

I think I’ll stick to my £28 ASOS jeans for now.