FASHION Bored Woman ‘Regrets Everything’ After Cutting Her Own Bangs

Bored Woman ‘Regrets Everything’ After Cutting Her Own Bangs

Isolation remorse is a phrase a lot of us will likely end up being knowledgeable about in the coming weeks, if you haven’t already.

What does it mean, some of you might be asking yourself? Well, it’s the feeling you obtain when you do something ludicrous on a whim. Why? Since you’re burnt out and also wished to see what would certainly take place.

Obviously, with billions of us currently in the house, we’ve obtained a great deal more time on our hands than we normally would. This consequently has actually resulted in some of us making some doubtful choices.

Don’t believe me? Take a scroll with Twitter or Facebook as well as you’ll see thousands of cut heads or hair cuts gone incorrect, with an accompanying distressed/shocked/ [insert adverse emotion right here] selfie and caption along the lines of: ‘What the heck have I done?!’

One woman that knows precisely that feeling is Nicole Cuerpo, who determined to provide herself an entire make over while in lockdown by trying to cut her very own hair in your home. Much more particularly, by trying to give herself bangs.

In a funny video uploaded to TikTok, Nicole recorded herself cutting an edge with what seemed a set of kitchen area scissors. Which, a word of alerting guys, definitely isn’t a great suggestion for anyone wanting to do the exact same thing.

You can see the minute she realised the error of her ways below:

As she took a seat before the video camera, Nicole held a large area of her hair before her face prior to trimming around fifty percent of it off with the scissors. She then respected see the level of the damages, instantly regretting her decision.

As soon as she allowed go of the ‘fringe’, it bounced up at an uneven angle sitting over her brows, leading Nicole to attempt desperately to push it back down onto her face.

Opening her mouth in scary, she quickly knew the blunder she had actually made, captioning a complying with video clip of her lopsided edge with the words: ‘I hate me now.’

Despite the first shock, she quickly saw the funny side, breaking out laughing as well as later sharing the video on Facebook, joking regarding her antics.

Alongside the video, Nicole wrote: ‘Girls on quarantine be like: thus far so excellent … Yes, I know I cut it wrong, I was impulsive and I regret whatever.’

Despite regretting everything, a minimum of her actions gave us all with a much-needed laugh. I would certainly say that’s worth a rickety fringe, right?